Commodity Workshop in Bangalore

  • Basics of commodity market
  • Technical analysis
  • Day trade and position trade strategy
  • Analysis of global market data
  • Combination trade of commodity and stock market
  • Risk management

  • Understanding Commodity Trading
  • What is Commodity trading?
  • How many exchanges in india Commodity exchanges in India
  • What all are traded on Commodity Exchanges?
  • Why to invest in Commodity Trading?
  • Entry point
  • Exit point
  • Stoploss
  • Teji mendi signal
  • Expiry
  • Knowledge about world market
  • Plan you trade
  • Margin requirement and MTM
  • Indian and global commodity exchanges

The Courses are for

Traders, investors, employees, analysts, sub-brokers, hnis, fund managers, students, housewives, retired persons, businessmen and everyone connected with insurance, finance, and banking.

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